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“Let us show you how to protect your creative authorship and expressional works.”

If you record a song, write a book, film a movie, develop software code, take a picture, paint art, draft an architectural blueprint, create a sculpture, you will have intellectual property that needs to be protected or rights secured.  We can help you protect your valuable creative works.

As a copyright attorney, I have represented individuals and businesses for over 20 years in the development of protection strategies to maximize the protection of their copyrights.

What is Copyright Protection? Copyright protection arises under federal law and grants owners of original works of authorship the right against unauthorized third-party use of their creative works.

What works are protected by Copyright Law? Copyright law protects creative expressions, including photographs, books, written text, software code, music (including lyrics), paintings and the like.

What Is Required for Copyright Protection? Your work must be original, which is to say the work owes its origin to the author/creator and possesses a minimal level of creativity and the work must be fixed in any tangible medium of expression from which it can be perceived, reproduced or otherwise communicated.

How Do I Obtain Copyright Protection? Common-law copyright protection arises once your original work is fixed in a tangible medium of expression (i.e. in writing, recording, film, photograph, computer program etc.).

What Are the Benefits of Copyright Registration? Substantial.  Should your work be infringed by a third-party and you have not secured a timely registration with the Copyright Office, you will lose your ability to seek statutory damages and attorneys’ fees.

What Copyright Services Does Your Firm Provide? The Law Office of John Burton, PLLC works with our clients to protect their creative works and to avoid potential future legal issues.  We provide the following copyright services:

  • Copyright Acquisition and Assignment
  • Copyright Application and Registration
  • Copyright Protection Strategies
  • Copyright Licensing and Royalties
  • Copyright Clearance and Releases
  • Copyright Work-for-Hire Agreements
  • Copyright Fair Use Counseling
  • Negotiating with ASCAP, BMI, SBA, RIAA, MPAA and other performing rights societies and copyright compliance organizations
  • Copyright Anti-Circumvention and DMCA practice

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