Trademark Attorney

Your company’s intellectual property (including trademarks, service marks, brands and business names) can be its most valuable asset.  If it’s not properly protected, it can become subject to misuse by others, including competitors, which can have significant adverse consequences.  (More)

Trademark Licensing & Intellectual Property Licensing Attorney

Trademark licensing and intellectual property licensing is often a key to success for many companies.  Licensing occurs when a third-party desires to use your trademark or other intellectual property on a product or service they are producing and pay you a royalty fee.  (More)


Copyright Attorney

If you record a song, write a book, film a movie, develop software code, take a picture, paint art, draft an architectural blueprint, create a sculpture, you will have intellectual property that needs to be protected or rights secured.  We can help you protect your valuable creative works. (More)


Franchise Attorney

You want to enter into or launch a business whereby the business is governed by use of a trademark or service mark and certain operating procedures (e.g. McDonalds).  Whether you consciously wish to become a franchisor or whether your wish to license business rights under a common trademark, often franchising laws are implicated.  (More)