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Internet Law Attorney and Technology Law Attorney

“Providing legal counsel to meet your internet and technology business objectives.”

You own an Internet based/e-commerce company that relies upon computer technology and other new media business.  This type of business has created a number of unique legal issues and challenges directed to the Internet and new media technology.

The Law Office of John Burton, PLLC has worked with individuals and businesses throughout the country with regard to these legal matters.  Although the Internet and computers are unique mediums, they still possess many of the day-to-day legal concerns of a traditional brick-and-mortar business.

E-Commerce Attorney

E-commerce has become a trillion dollar industry and continues to grow every year.  Before starting an e-commerce company, there are a number of legal issues for which an e-commerce attorney can provide sage counsel, such as legal agreements that may be part of online commercial transactions, privacy policy issues, concerns about potential liability associated with the storage of credit card and other sensitive information, and how information concerning website visitors may be used.

Our Internet and Technology Legal Services

We provide legal counsel on a wide range of internet and technology matters for our clients and can successfully and cost-effectively guide you through complex issues enabling you to maintain and sustain your competitive advantage.  Areas in which we offer representation include:

    • Internet/e-commerce
    • Website Agreements
    • Privacy Policies and Terms of Use
    • Website Protection via IP Law
    • Outsourcing and Hosting
    • Domain Name Disputes and Cybersquatting
    • Key Word Diversion
    • Content Infringement and DMCA Take Down Issues
    • Content and Site Licensing
    • Technology Acquisition and Transfer
    • Data Processing Agreements
    • Software Development Agreements, Protection and Licensing
    • Computer Hardware Sales and Leasing

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