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Many clients are unsure as to whether an Arizona corporation, an Arizona limited liability company, or other entity form will be the best for their company.  As there are tax, ownership, and other legal issues that are particular to corporations vs. limited liability companies vs. partnerships vs. sole proprietorship, we counsel clients on the key entity differences, advise on which company structure may be preferable based upon the client’s particular business needs, draft the articles of incorporation, limited liability articles, or other formation documents, and prepare Bylaws, Articles of Organization and other governing instruments.

Shareholder Agreements, Member Agreements, and Buy-Sell Agreements

Often the shareholders or members of a company wish to enter into a shareholder agreement, a member agreement, or a buy-sell agreement.  These agreements can prove beneficial by providing a pre-arranged mechanism for handling certain situations, such as a shareholder desiring to no longer be involved with the company or what should happen in the event of an untimely death of one of the principals.  If any such situation arises, all parties benefit by having terms in place that govern such situation.

Disputes and Entity Dissolution

In some instances disputes will arise between company principals, or it may be desirable to have a company dissolved.  At The Law Office of John Burton, we are experienced at guiding clients through these situations and can advise of the alternatives that may be available.

Articles of Incorporation, Limited Liability Company Articles of Organization, and the related documents are usually done on a set-fee schedule.

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