Arizona Real Estate Attorney

“Effective Real Estate Counsel can be the difference between acquiring dream property or one filled with unforeseen liabilities.”

Real estate transactions typically involve one of the largest investments an individual or business may make.  As an Arizona real estate attorney and Phoenix lawyer, I provide clients with real estate counsel in land matters concerning metropolitan Phoenix and beyond.

In the course of a real estate transaction, important title matters may arise that may impact the use of a property.  There may have been past uses of property that may raise environmental concerns that could potentially subject a buyer to unforeseen environmental liabilities.  Parties to a transaction may seek to allocate unknown risks in the course of a transaction.  Thus it is imperative that purchasers, sellers, investors, lessors and lessees seek a qualified real estate lawyer to help them understand that complexities of real estate transactions.

Whether your matter consists of the purchase of a new home, entering into a commercial lease, or property development, The Law Office of John Burton, PLLC  is qualified to assist you with the protection of your interests.

We provide cost-effective and quality representation in the following:

  • Commercial Lease Matters
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Deeds, Title Insurance
  • Closings
  • Development and Site Agreements
  • Property Management Issues
  • Buyer-Seller Disputes
  • Other Real Estate Transactional Matters.

Do not buy or sell commercial property or enter into other important real estate transactions without seeking the advice of a qualified estate attorney.

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