Phoenix Business and Intellectual Property Attorney

“The key to my business is strong, personal relationships. I deliver practical solutions at affordable rates. I promise:

  • Honest, straight-forward advice without confusing legalese;
  • Aggressive representation;
  • To be accessible, promptly return your phone calls, and provide updates on the progress of your matters; and
  • To deliver the highest level of personalized service without the overwhelming burden of overhead costs associated with large law firms.”


Solutions Oriented

You want to form or grow your company.  Corporate, contractual or other legal needs arise.  You may have intellectual property that needs to be identified, protected or optimized for maximum commercial value.

As a former in-house intellectual property and senior counsel to a Fortune 500 Company, I understand the legal matters companies face and the business goals to be achieved, and I’m here to help you.  With more than twenty years of in-house and private practice business law experience, I can offer your company business-oriented legal solutions and pro-active legal counsel.

Long-Term, Solid Relationships

Our firm is there for you whether you need us for only a single matter or if you’re looking for long-term external corporate counsel.  We value long-term business relationships.   For our corporate clients we seek to establish working relationships so that we can better understand the industry in which the company operates, and the business objectives desired.  The more we understand the business of your company, the better we can provide legal advice that will be tailored to your business objectives.  As always, we are just a phone call away when legal matters arise.


In the current recession, all of us are concerned with costs and maximizing value.  The same holds true for legal services.  Because we don’t have the large overhead associated with many large firms, we can provide clients with senior partner expertise at value rates.  Because we don’t have multiple attorneys working on the same matter, we can also save our clients significant legal fees.  The Law Office of John Burton, PLLC can add value to your matters based on the cross-functionality of our practice and our ability to offer “one-stop-shopping” on these matters.  We will offer you the highest level of personalized legal services without the overwhelming burden of overhead costs associated with most law firms.  Our hands-on, client-centered customer service approach is a perfect fit for entrepreneurs, emerging or growing businesses.

With our diverse and well-rounded legal expertise and business acumen, we can deliver sustainable, bottom-line results that will further your success and diminish your outside legal costs.  The Law Office of John Burton, PLLC will do its utmost to enhance your growth and profitability.

Call Me Today

Our firm is here to serve entrepreneurs and business owners. Call us today, (602) 617-8516, for a complimentary telephone consultation and let me show you how we can help you or your business with your important legal needs.